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Japan vs. Croatia (Halftime)

Japan's still playing with style and making great steals and all that, but man, are they sloppy. It's probably to their advantage that Crotia isn't playing at top form either, or they could seriously lose the ball even more. Miyamoto's penalty-kick causing snafu was just really clumsy. They have got to run a tighter ship for the second half. Also, they seem to be playing an unusually patient game. I don't usually like the time-wasting passes, and I certainly didn't like it against Australia, but they did create one good opportunity with it in this game. Still, they need to up the ante about trying for goals.

Kawaguchi is still a great goalkeeper though. He has a real presence, and it's clear the other players defer to him.

I said before Crotia has the higher chance of doing damage in their group apart from Brazil. I still believe this. Much as I would hope Japan wins here, Crotia could take advantage of all the gaps showing up.

Portugal vs. Iran: Iran definitely aren't living up to expectations. This wasn't an otherwise interesting match overall, but Portugal was the better team.



Jun. 18th, 2006 03:38 pm (UTC)
It will be interesting to see if either team wins their next game, but Japan will have it hardest in that respect. I also suspect Crotia might still make it to the second round, if they bother to shape up, though that's hard to say too.