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Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro

This is the way South American football should be played. Aggressive attacking to the last minute, fast swoops, fluid teamwork, amazing and stylish passes, incredibly worked goals -- Argentina deserved every one of their 6 difficult goals. They really worked hard for it. The second half was completely wonderful to watch. Messi's power run and pass past three to Crespo, Tevez's literally hopping over two white shirts and then Messi's own well-deserved goal (smashed in by a hair). The strategic changes in this half, considering that the goals were all worked by substitutes to some degree, definitely paid off. If Argentina keeps playing like this, they will get to the finals and it will not be for nothing. It's shocking stuff, since their first match against Côte d'Ivoire wasn't nearly so active. It gives me hope that Brazil will also gel on Sunday.

Interestingly, as I watched Brazil vs. Crotia the other day, there was something off about Brazil's style I couldn't really place, as though while they were still playing Brazillian, there were moments when the passes especially seemed un-Brazillian. It took watching Spain vs. Ukraine to make me realize that the odd half of the style looked strangely Spanish. Not too weird, maybe, considering where some of the Brazillians play. Still, it's the same league some of the Argentinians go to, and it's clear that they can play in top form if they need to.

Germany vs. Poland: Watched bits and pieces. Poland looked strong, and Germany looked like they were put to work. I still don't think they're playing at their best yet. Did see Oliver Neuville's one goal in extra time.

Ecuador vs. Costa Rica: Watched bits and pieces again. Costa Rica were outclassed here. Ecuador are aggressive and fast. They seem a bit of a mid-list team, but in the second round, who knows?


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