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You Can't Outread Your Professor By Far

Really something that came up in conversation with jefffunk, but it was one of the high points of my day, while talking to Santa*:

"Stephen Jay Gould?"
"'Fraid not."
"Arthur C. Clarke?"
"Gary Larson?"
"Nope -- um, hey, that strip looks familiar! Wait, Far Side? Yes!"

But then you discover the Dictionary of Professional Wrestling under your lecturer's massive hardcover edition of The Complete Far Side Vol. 2, and the world promptly rights itself.

* Santa: That professor of Curtin University's Creative Writing program more worshipped than all others. He lent me that Far Side too, then worried I might squash myself with it. See: Greatest Professor in the Known Universe, The Maladies of Evil Hamsters as Students, Book of Bunny Suicides