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US vs. Czech Republic

What a great team. The Czechs are the most coordinated fighting unit in this World Cup I've seen yet. They're quick, cunning and they have style. They're definitely good to watch, and deserve every goal they scored, and every opportunity they created for those goals. Lovely fighting spirit. They deserve to make it to the second round. The unexpected matches in this World Cup have definitely turned out to be real gems.

Edit: Rosicky is cute and not a goalkeeper. Finally!



Jun. 13th, 2006 08:47 am (UTC)
Thank you for reading! :)

That's horrible about pay-per-view. :(
Over in Australia, I think the only reason they show all the matches is because Australia is in this year. ^___^ I missed Italy vs. Ghana though! That match was at 4AM, which was just too late for me to stay up. Wished I knew what happened, since I'm hearing the first half was exciting!

The Japan match was quite difficult to watch. I didn't like seeing the Japanese team losing spirit at the end like that. It's always horrible to watch good teams start out fighting and just lose it at the end. They could've afforded to at least stop Australia from getting the extra goal. Hopefully, they shape up against Croatia, and at least provide good competition against Brazil. Because of Japan vs. Australia, I really hope Brazil squash the Australians.