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US vs. Czech Republic

What a great team. The Czechs are the most coordinated fighting unit in this World Cup I've seen yet. They're quick, cunning and they have style. They're definitely good to watch, and deserve every goal they scored, and every opportunity they created for those goals. Lovely fighting spirit. They deserve to make it to the second round. The unexpected matches in this World Cup have definitely turned out to be real gems.

Edit: Rosicky is cute and not a goalkeeper. Finally!



Jun. 12th, 2006 06:14 pm (UTC)
I don't know who's on the US team. Isn't that awful? ^_~
Jun. 12th, 2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
Nor do I. I just pick these up as I go along, I swear. Rosicky is the guy responsible for the two winning goals against the US in this match. He's a looker, apart from being murderously good on the field. :)

Now, really, I didn't go into this to be a lech (for once).
Jun. 12th, 2006 06:35 pm (UTC)
It's one of the few sports that I can sit through, but I never do. (I did during one summer ages ago though) I meant to keep up with the World Cup and just haven't been. So, it's fun reading your quick summaries on the games.
Jun. 12th, 2006 06:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I was starting to worry no one on my flist even knew it was on. :)

I really enjoyed the last World Cup. I used to live in a part of town with the largest Korean and Iranian population. There was always such a noise whenever Korea scored. With both teams in this World Cup, I think that place would be a riot now. The World Cup and perhaps the F1 Grand Prix are really the only sporting events I have the patience to sit through as well.
Jun. 12th, 2006 11:05 pm (UTC)
F1 Grand Prix? I would never have guessed. :D
Jun. 13th, 2006 09:41 am (UTC)
*LOL* Yeah, considering how much I hate driving. ;)
It's really because Dad (and my brother) are huge F1 fans. They used to go to the Sepang F1 circuit every season in Malaysia. So we would all stay up on F1 weekends to catch the live telecasts. Really, I watch it for the crashes.

In the same way, I watch the World Cup for the strategy. ;)

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