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Bloody Jocks.

Australia vs. Japan: Japan are great scrappers, and played a wholly defensive game. They were fun to watch running circles around the Australians. The Japanese have quite a bit of style there. Kawaguchi is also the second player I'm liking to watch this season, next to Trinidad & Tobago's Hislop (and they're both goalkeepers -- wonder when Kahn is coming back? Lehmann's not the same to watch). In the end, I think Japan's problem was that they were too defensive, relying a bit too much on keeping Australia at a tie. There's also that issue rather similar to Costa Rica, where they were great at stealing the ball, but didn't otherwise take advantage of the chances they had to score with it. Australia was all brute force, but considering how sloppy the Japanese side were about attacks, they might as well have been. The third Australian goal by Aloisi was a good shot.

Having said that, I felt this game was the worst show of sportsmanship this whole season. The most annoying point of the match for me was actually the Australian commentator we got on SBS's telecast. He was heinous, whoever he was (I came in at 18 minutes past). Appalling biases, with pretty open heckling of the Japanese team. Case in point, Kawaguchi's reach was just fine. In fact, it was about the same as Schwarzer's for this match, so why didn't anyone comment on that? And what the hell was that about the referee needing to yellow card himself? The Australian fans too, booing on the Japanese team in Germany was just truly bad form. I mean, it is appalingly bad form. I don't think I've seen a match yet in 2006 with booing fans. This is not a match for good competitive spirit, and while this wasn't the greatest few days of it either, this...just made everything reek.

Argentina vs. Côte d'Ivoire: Not bad. Not good either. Argentina wasn't particularly stylish. I kept falling asleep for this one.

Mexico vs. Iran: Very nicely aggressive game in the first half. Good, hard attacks on both sides. The second half had Iran playing defensively instead, and everything went downhill from there.

So far, all the matches involving the favourites have been pretty dull stuff. Starting with Germany, England and Argentina, in that order, I'm just not sure there are many matches I really want to watch left. Barring Trinidad & Tobago, who could prove to be a real dark horse, if they keep up the kind of game they had against Sweden. Brazil, who often are guaranteed to be interesting, will be up tomorrow. It will be interesting to hear what the Australian commentators have to say when Australia goes up against them on Sunday. Largely, I'm just hoping the Brazillians bloody their noses.
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