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xxxHOLiC 3

I have a thing for Yuuko's hair. It's so nicely inked and filled with infinite darkness. Her clothes are so classically CLAMP pretty. Filled with filligree patterns and crazy swirly motifs. The folds! The patterns! The drape!

The OP's grown on me too. It's a strange song, actually. I do wonder what the full song is about, since the snippets of lyrics we get in the OP could be any number of dangerous relationships.

In this episode, Watanuki is called upon by Himawari to investigate strange happenings at their school. All the problems seem to be caused by students playing with oujia boards. Yuuko sets Watanuki up with Doumeki to go exorcise the restless spirits. Where Watanuki can see spirits, it turns out Doumeki can nullify them. Watanuki also received a pair of chobit headphones to communicate with Yuuko during this exercise. One of the cute moments is when Maru and Moro read from "A City with No People", which also comes from Chobits. It's a fairly straightforward episode, the monster is vanquished, and everybody goes home for octopus balls (uuuugh). The focus of this ep seems to be introducing Watanuki and Doumeki, who do have interesting onscreen chemistry. One's an emotional freak, the other's a deadpan wonder. I like Doumeki. He's not afraid to stab Watanuki in the right places when he needs to. Though considering that Doumeki broke his arm trying to save Watanuki from falling off a building, it'd seem Watanuki could afford to be a bit more grateful here. They are an interesting couple.

I'm kind of hoping Watanuki does get less annoying as episodes go along though. He's starting to get quite squealy and childish, and the random bursts of tantrum-throwing are not helpful.

Animation is good. There's a lot of rich, dark inking, and the spirits are very starkly (thanks for the word, countlibras) rendered. The glowing blobs that fell on top of Watanuki and the snake spirit were both nice to watch. They weren't terribly CG or detailed in the traditional sense, but I do appreciate the way this series uses minimalism and again, those stark lines.

I think this series could pull me along by the food alone, to be honest...



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Jun. 3rd, 2006 09:07 pm (UTC)

I like Yuuko a lot too. And Doumeki.

Watanuki... I can't decide what I think of Watanuki. There are a couple of story lines where I really like him. But then, I wish he didn't dislike Doumeki so much. I suppose their relationship is in theory somewhat like Kero and Syaoran's, opposite abilities coming to a clash.
Jun. 4th, 2006 01:20 pm (UTC)
The BOOZE! Suddenly, my knowledge of Japanese food and drink heightens with each passing ep. ;)

Dude, you've hit the nail on the head there with the Kero comparison. Even though Black Mokona could be the closest thing to Kero we have here, Watanuki is very Kero-chan in that over-the-top emotionalness way. I actually like it when Yuuko or Doumeki whaps him for freaking out. :)
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