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While at a bookstore yesterday, I happened to see the May and June issues of Newtype (Japan). The May issue had this great cover featuring a new title called Gothicmade (I'm trying not to laugh, but it really is trying to be gothic made and about a Gothic Maid). It's so new, AniDB doesn't have an entry for it yet, though AnimeNfo does. Seems to be a kind of intergalactic matriachal SF romance with gorgeous art and character designs. Apparently, it's done by Nagano Mamoru, who is famous for mecha (which probably means this will be a robot anime). Official site here: http://gothicmade.com/

Look under News -> Monogatari and behold the women in Pope gear. Or admire the wispy people under Characters. A nicer scan of the May Newtype is also available under Topics. Now if I could just find when this thing is supposed to roll out...