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And Then It Hit Me.

As I recorded myself reading The Bomoh, I realized that when I am a horrible and famous author, I could sneak my way into readings electronically this way. It is an appropriate medium for my work. I'm terrified of people, and even worse at public performances. I figure that my being at a convention and trying to mingle would just embarrass people. On the other hand, electronic pieces of me don't need airplane tickets. I have less chances of being around people for lengths that would cause me to make them uncomfortable (well, in a way that's unrelated to my writing, anyway). So in an ideal world, I could be a disembodied voice.


May. 14th, 2006 04:44 pm (UTC)
Eeks, you are expressing yourself most clearly. :)
I will have to consider this poem reading thing...
And you don't want to hear me sing. Trust me. ;)
(I'm tempted, but even I'm not that evil to my friends.)

Thanks about the accent. Slightly relieved that I am still relatively accent-unplaceable. I do know the Asian accent you're referring to, actually. It's interesting. But I am mostly happy I sound coherent and easily understood. My pronunciation's terrible. I can't pronouce a lot of words I commonly write, and that probably showed in the read. ;)

That, and because I recorded most of this in one pass at 3AM, I actually slur off at the end, with many run-ons and lazy words. But it is good to know that I'm getting more accent-unplaceable. Well, it's not that I think accents are bad, but an unplaceable accent works for me -- people won't have to worry about where I'm from.

Speaking of all things English, I still live under the delusion from ancient English textbooks that state the British all drink excessive amounts of tea with biskits, scones and stingy sandwiches. You never could disprove that one, could you? ;P