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Yes, my Chinese reading skills are still nearly non-existent. I am a hypocrite. Go laugh yerselves silly.

Mom: The name of this company is, "Golden", ... It's like "Golden Churn." But it's a pot. You know, like a cauldron...
Me: You mean like an incense pot?
Mom: It's like a cauldron.
Me: Like the ones they use to burn incense in at the temple?
Mom: You know. It's a pot.
Me: They don't cook in it, do they?
Mom: It's a pot!
Me: A brazier?
Mom: *goes look up character on online dictionary* Look!
Me: Combination of the character for [spaces out] with [this character] as handles on a tripod -- a brazier!
Mom: Whatever it is!

Simplified Chinese Characters are PURE EVIL. How can a whole country completely wreck 3,000+ years of a written form just to make it typeable on computers?! They've changed whole complex pictograms into 3 lines! 3 lines! 3 lines that don't look remotely like the original character! The loss of symbolism buuuuuuuuurns.


May. 11th, 2006 07:48 pm (UTC)
Hee! I admit, in my case, I just like that Traditional characters look prettier. ;)