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Psychopathic Squirrel Phase

Early reviews for the Outcast anthology have filtered in. It's also still very much available for sale at Australian Speculative Fiction. One of the reviews mentions my story in this anthology, The Mudfish Goddess, and an interesting observation about the thread of abandonment to higher powers that runs throughout the anthology in general. I'd noticed a similar trend when I thumbed through my contributor's copy, but I haven't yet sat down to really analyze events. It does raise my fear again about the version of Mudfish Goddess featured in the anthology. I am still afraid I took away most of what made the story amoral in my edit, and there are few things I fear more than moral lessons in fiction, especially if I have helped contribute to them. I raised some of these fears in a much earlier post. As the review says, speculative fiction is a good medium to question these things. I would hate to disappoint. Though, the part about me exploring new forms of narrative has me both chuffed and bothered. I don't think I'm doing anything to narrative forms in that story, or "new ways of being", even if it is nice to hear a take like that. But that makes me wish I had the fully uncut version of it in the anthology again. There is something about the manifestation of life and death as it is a woman who eats her own husband's entrails.

In other news, I'm chugging along with Finches III: The Search for Spock. My story has yet to need cleverly placed bandanas. It feels strange to switch from the male to the female perspective at the halfway point of the series. Not because I think it is inappropriate for this point in the story, but because at least with Finches, I found it easier to write it in the male voice. Being solidly in the patriachal religious male perspective, and then a more sympathetic, but still clearly male one, was a simple matter of structure. Deconstructing to be a girl is difficult. I find often that because most of my female protagonists will follow too much of a real female voice I know, their reality is frightening to put to the page. Maybe it's made more frightening because I see a lot I don't want to be or can't sympathize with in the female view. The women I write where it is clearly me with a skin disease are easy. They don't actually have to be women. For example, Rahim, the voice I last wrote Finches in, has a voice I find not too dissimilar from my own. The challenge is interesting.

I had a clever plan to finish Finches III in two days. I got into the first 700 words, and people came home, and my schedule had to adjust to all these people again, and there is technical support to dole out and chores to do. I thought up a couple of unrelated stories along the way. I'm chugging along.

As for the title of this post, I got my hands on Ice Age 2. The creators have since realized the only parts of Ice Age the First worth watching were the first and last five minutes, and have thus gotten rid of the pesky humans, added more squirrel, and given us bonus mad possums. I am still in awe of the beloved squirrel, though I question the necessity of both the kungfu and heavenly scenes -- the squirrel character was great because he was the least anthropomorphic of all the other animals featured. It's also a marginally better-scripted movie than the first. Y'know I'll watch it just for the mute squirrel anyway.

Bought CDs and through the greatness of neuromance, I stand a chance at maybe even finding those final issues of comic eyes with the uncompiled chapters of Alichino in them. Found a copy of Star 69's only CD, Eating February, for really cheap. mokie sent me a sample of theirs a long time ago, and I always wanted to know more. I was hoping Suilen released a single, or even an album by now. They have the most beautiful and zen of websites in the world. It is not an exaggeration. I thank mousoucarnival for introducing their ambient sounds of reflection to me, though I twitch as I wait for there to be more than two songs and a handful of obscure lives in their repertoire. I am even under budget. It still makes me nervous to have spending money for myself. Often, I ask, "This is my money? I earned it? Really? I can use it for anything I want? I can use it for me?"

Also got my hands on Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2. The first game blew my mind by being an intrinsically atheistic deconstruction of faith in the immortal, set in borrowed Hindu mythos, with demons, and the most amazing character designs. The second game blows my mind by being an intrinsically atheistic deconstruction of faith in the immortal, set in clearly atheistic terms regarding evolutionary philosophy, with even more demons, and still amazing character designs. This is clearly my kind of CRPG. I also have the option of importing my old party. Now that I have an impetus again to finish the first SMT:DDS, it looks like I will have to conservatively aim for Lvl. 75, all members, or bust. Even from here, I can sense a scanner_darkly grin. (Maybe it's followed by a facepalm!) :)


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Apr. 27th, 2006 03:41 pm (UTC)
seventy FIVE???

I do need to finish the first one. And gamefly the second or something. But Dynasty Warriors 5 calls me!
Apr. 27th, 2006 03:52 pm (UTC)
Hey, my original projection was Lvl. 100 or bust. Last night, I played about five hours of the thing and got everyone at Lvl. 68. I even moved along with the *plot*! ;)

Speaking of which, um, you could probably finish the game at Lvl. 50 or *much less*, which would then make the all-purpose dungeon bosses strategically harder and fun. But I had this crazy idea I wanted to finish off the loon they had hidden behind the red walls at the Vanguard base (first dungeon), and you already know how hard it was for me to kill King Frost at Lvl. 50-ish. I'm told said demon (it's Lucifer or something) behind the red walls is something evil to defeat. Hence, Lvl. 75. All the random monsters behind the red walls have so far been moderately bad. At my level, they're just money. Which I need, since I'm also doing that $1 million a pop skill set thing. I figure, some game designer took the trouble to think the skill sets up, so I might as well finish them. ;)

It'll be amazing if I do manage to finish this game. I'm sort of near the end, since I killed all the other tribes. Oh, hey, DDS2 has even better looking girls! And boys who look like girls!

I also have SMT: Lucifer's Call, which I haven't even unwrapped yet. And Dynasty Warriors 3, which as you might recall made me physically ill from all the rotating cameras.
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