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Uno, Spongebill Squarepants Edition.

The following paragraph is a ramble about comics. Still reading comics, hoping either my mind will implode from the digested information (thus manifesting a new piece of writing, as these things tend to lead to), or I get really bored. Stumbled upon that curious vein of Uncanny X-Men Alan Davis/Adam Kubert *Kubert worship* stuff from 1999, where the writing is cool and the art is so pretty. And for all of one issue, Storm has a really lovely silver filligree costume. I'm still chomping through all the Gambit and Rogue stuff that's happened in the last five (six?) years. Just my luck, I leave, and they become key characters in the great events that followed. Psylocke is not dead. I figure fans would've gone up in arms to bring the sexy ninja one back. She was resurrected (I think this is the second time they've done this) and promptly re-ninjafied. And she's in the new series of Excalibur, which still does not have Meggan, so I'm still avoiding it due to not very inspired casting (no Nightcrawler, no Kitty Pryde, no Lockheed), until such a time they find a way to resurrect Meggan (which is bound to happen, mark my words). I have also learnt I did myself a bad turn by not reading the Deadpool series back when it popped up in 1999. Schizophrenic smartymouthed assassin dude and all that. Then I turned a spotlight on figuring out where Chamber went (Chamber = Raistlin-like Generation X creature; he makes me squeal like a teenager), which turned out to be quite interesting. I sit around eMule like it is a bonfire, churning up sparks of comicbook wisdom from days of yore. But for those who need the quick and easy way to read everything that has ever happened to every one of the X-Men, ever, this must be the greatest site ever made (it's also more updated than the wikis).

The following three sentences are also rambles about comics. Thus, I am currently reading Gambit (whole Series 1), random pluckings of Uncanny X-Men and X-Men from 1999, all of Deadpool, Excalibur #100 - #125, might try to get to Cable/Deadpool. I'm still grumpy Archangel is with Husk. But ooh, look, Nightcrawler x Stormy!

The following paragraph is about ancient DOS games, being somewhat also about cows. Replaying Lord of the Realms II. The power of cows and wheat are still cool. Grow wheat, so your serfs may be fed. Grow cows, and your serfs become meat-addicts. Compromise, and feed them cheese. The battle system is clumsy and terrible and needs to die. LOTRII is ultimately just a cheap substitute for the mother of all PC strategy turn-based conquest games (not like those evil real-time games) -- Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In fact, playing LOTRII makes me want to play RTK. RTK was probably the only strategy game other than Dune I made the effort to finish. It took me a year, playing on and off, on Easy, trying hard not to get distracted by assigning ministers to do all kinds of economic tasks, because that's really just fun. It brings out the worst in my micromanaging streaks. Afterlife used to drive me nuts, because it had all those balancing mechanisms to get optimal building evolution. I never figured out what to do with the planetside management system in Afterlife either, because that was a whole other set of formulas to decide faiths and innovation. Plus, I'm still getting urges to go play Dungeon Keeper.

And now we return to my actual life, where things aren't happening. I've been consistently sleeping some time after dawn on a daily basis, which basically means I spend what few waking hours I have being zombie-like and gnawing through books. I stare at things. I get twitchy ideas that I must be doing something but I can't figure out what and I don't want to do things I've listed down I should actually be doing. Mostly, I'm just absorbing.

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