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Last Monday, finished the mythical code, and left the office, vowing not to return for at least six weeks, until Boss 1 of 3 returns from a vacation in Europe. It's not much of a story. With the conclusion of the code, I am theoretically done there. Refused to stick around for data-entry work, as it was offered. But I will come back for updates, support, things that will make my brain seize up, probably. Prior to that, spent the last month working from home. Nice to work from home. Didn't sleep for four weeks. Didn't think much of anything for four weeks. Post that, slept for three days.

Read comic books. Lots of comic books. Also learnt that if you want to know the entire annotated history of a comic book, you should first visit the comic book's publisher. This is why I wiki-ed specific characters rather than whole titles. I now have no idea at all what's happened in Excalibur. And I've just read the annotated history. Worship eMule. So many ancient titles. Found some amazing soul with the whole collection of Fury of Firestorm. Couldn't figure out why I wanted to read Fury of Firestorm. It's terrible. Like watching heroes of yore go, "POW!" Firehawk is still a babe though. Must've been why I read it.

I am cold. I am shaking. I am hopelessly sleep-deprived. I have a very large pile of TOEIC questions that need to be done, all of which I'm sure I intended to do last week. Before I slept.

Warmth. Sleep. Blood! Blood! Maim!


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Apr. 10th, 2006 03:56 am (UTC)
Sleep gooooooooooooood. Sleeeeeeep.
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