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Mar. 7th, 2006

One of the first albums I ever bought for myself, I think, this must've been the third album I bought, was the Cranberries' To The Faithful Departed. When I bought it, I was trying to make a choice between this and Nevermind. I chose this. I actually liked this album a lot, and perhaps my favourite track from it was Electric Blue. Unfortunately, I also remember lending the album to someone and never getting it back.

Tonight I was told there was a blowout at Dad's rig, and we're waiting for news from him. Last I spoke to him was this afternoon. He called up, and asked me if I was okay, and if Mom was home. I always get slightly annoyed when he calls, because he's always calling at these times when I'm trying to eat, or wash dishes, or something. Dad said some guys were coming over to help from a different rig. He had a headache because there were problems on the rig. I told him to take care. It was a very short phone call. I know he called Mom later, because I asked when she got home. She told me Dad's keeping his personals in his coveralls, because they're not sure if they'll need to jump ship. I guess he must've saved that sort of news for her.

At any rate, Mom's not looking like she'll be sleeping a lot tonight, and I can't sleep anyway. Doing the Solitaire -> code -> write -> Solitaire thing. Keeping my brain busy, on normal days, stops it from going crazy. But hey, I'm worried too.


Mar. 7th, 2006 10:39 pm (UTC)
He sounds like a man forewarned and forearmed, I hope he is safe too. *hugs*
Mar. 8th, 2006 02:00 am (UTC)
Dad would be one of the most experienced guys there. I believe he knows what he's doing, and I trust that he does.

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