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Pleasantly Sad

mokie, who watches me twitch often (and often watches me) in a kind of fascinated bemusement, or morbid horror, or tolerant yet frankly quite annoyed way, has told me she is living my alterna-universe lifestyle of communing with hamsters among books, computers, tea, potted herbs and organic self-reproducing clean fertilizer machines. This has frankly made me quite envious. Oh, yes.

Tonight, I finished Finches II, alternatively titled, Rahim (Womb, also a Muslim man's name). I feel better about this than I did about Dirty Bomb. Finches is probably the first thing I've written that actually makes me happy rather than twitchy, and I am growing rather attached to this work. It's a work more clearly in my writing style, and is more closely tied to my favourite subject matters: critical religious thinking and evolution. Especially with the latter, the relation between that the study of evolution as a philosophical and spiritual activity and how it ties my thinking to the world about as profoundly as I suspect the religious mirror images would find their explorations. Unfortunately, with the last installment that I'm currently writing, I'm also going to end up with that uncomfortable novella word count. Exactly how I intended it, but materialistically worrying. For now, I am enjoying writing the story.

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