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Marie Biscuits & Milo

When I was a kid, school teatimes were dominated by Marie biscuits and Milo (a popular brand of hot cocoa in Southeast Asia that's about 90% sugar). Every kindergarten, primary school and field trip featured a tea break of Marie biscuits and Milo. My favourite school biscuits as a kid though were sugar-crusted soda crackers and bon bon cookies. I didn't get the former quite often, but the latter featured fairly promimently alongside the Marie biscuits. So we used to buy sugar-crusted soda crackers from the sundry shop, which would have all the usual groceries and walls of plastic bins filled with dried goods, including biscuits. They used to be something like RM1 a 200g bag. One of the other places you could get biscuits from was the ubiquitous snack stall. These are all over the major urban areas, because Malaysians love their crunchies, selling all kinds of muruku, biscuits, fish crackers, animal crackers, fried nuts, cut fruit and pickles. Sundry shops are starting to get a little hard to come by in Kuala Lumpur, though the very large ones are still in operation in Chinatown and Little India. Come Autumn Festival, these are still the best places to buy lotus leaves for dumplings from. I miss the smell of the spices and dried things.


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Feb. 23rd, 2006 08:42 am (UTC)
oh, Milo! I've never tasted it, but I remember seeing it everywhere every time I went back to the Philippines, and whenever I go to the local asian markets here. I've wondered how it tastes, though now that you said it's about 90% sugar I'm kind of put off, hahahaha. :P
Feb. 23rd, 2006 01:21 pm (UTC)
I personally prefer Ovaltine (chocolate malt) or Horlicks (malt shake), which are two other breakfast staples, because I like the malt flavour (if I could have my hot cocoa bitter, I would). So I have a bias. ;)

Milo is kind of like the sweet cocoa powder you find on top of cakes. In Malaysia, they make everything with condensed milk, so it's extra sweet. It tastes a bit like flat, sweet chocolate on its own. Like a Kit Kat or cheap chocolate bar. Even Nesquik tastes a bit better (it has cinnamon). Though I personally think, in the range of cocoa drinks available, it is somewhere higher than Swiss Miss, which is almost all sugar to my tastebuds.
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