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Dialogue of the Hamster Prayer Wheel

For the hamster, it is zen.

Hamster: *eyeball scratching boredom*
Hamster: *waits to listen for universal chirpings*
Mokie: *turns off lights and listens for Henrywheel^*
Hamster: *also listens*
Hamster: *wonders what the Universal Message of the Day was*
Hamster: *wonders if hamster wheels are like Buddhist bells*
Hamster: *just made out of less metals. and producing different noises*
Mokie: Write little sutras on 'em and let the hammies pray?
Hamster: *lightbulbs*
Hamster: Now why hasn't anyone thought of that before?
Mokie: It makes hamsters do work, therefore it is not compassionate.
Hamster: *ponders* *adds pencilings to the initial design to include carrot sticks on strings*
Mokie: See, I figure, if the hamsters WANT to pray, then it's different....
Hamster: *foreheadslap* But that will involve torture. Torture isn't compassionate.
Mokie: No torture! Hamsters like wheels!
Mokie: To deny them prayer wheels, that is torture. *ommmm*
Hamster: *ommmm* Ummm...
Hamster: But how does one stop them from eating the sutras? *pouchstuff*
Mokie: Paint 'em on. Or else put 'em inside. Or just accept that this too is impermanence in action, and use veggie-based inks?
Hamster: How zen!

^ Henry = A very myopic wee hamster that lives with mokie.


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Feb. 20th, 2006 10:59 am (UTC)
Feb. 20th, 2006 11:17 am (UTC)
Zen! *tea sips*
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