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VLC seems to be adding new things with each version. Which would be less annoying if they didn't keep hiding everything under even more detailed categories, and losing some of the settings I liked the last time. For example, I'm still trying to figure out where they hid the DVD player choices, because I want to set the right player as my default, and I have cool new toys like a snapshot tool of some sort (yet to try it, but I should), and no menu I can see for default settings. The Audio output settings went from everything in one screen to lots of things across a gajillion mini menus, and I'm a little scared of hitting something outside of the defaults -- what are all these things in reference to and where is it relevant to my machine? At least it still works with eMule, and as far as I know, 99% of the time, it's not broken. They also added useful chapter skipping buttons where they can be more easily pressed.

Got myself the first two episodes of Twin Peaks. I don't think I've seen that since I was 9. I've had a song that's been running around in my head for a long, long time. Within the first opening bars of the show, I realized where it came from. I don't remember all the acting being quite so wooden though. I don't remember Kyle McLachlan being quite so evil. Or even so slightly psychotic. I may be remembering why I used to have this crush on him from Twin Peaks. As it was, I had to drag myself through the first half hour or so of the pilot. The music bugs me (just because it's memorable doesn't mean it's good), the plot, all of which I've forgotten except that Laura Palmer died at the start, is curious, but not particularly intriguing. And the acting just bugs me. Things did improve with Agent Cooper coming on screen, because evil is nice, and I like Lara Flynn Boyle (a long time ago, I remember kind of liking The Practice). I can't, for the life of me, like the Audrey character. It's so, so...Madonna. Early, slutty schoolgirl-esque Madonna. Now, me, I'm just trying to figure out what I liked about this show. Maybe when there's more death around. I also found scripts of the show up on Twitz, which is interesting for studying David Lynch and how he originally wrote it reasons. Bits do deviate, the pilot was still overdramatic, I wonder if it will keep being interesting.

Fruits Basket, on the other hand, is still such a cool little read. It's a girl's comic that doesn't act too much like a girl's comic, even with the fairly obvious playing in. It's also looking like it'll end soon at Volume 21. There are some really good reasons for me to read this, the first being that the cast is epic, and it's nice to study where the interactions fail and where they stop being memorable. The second is that the characterization is good. The characterization holds up everything for the bulk of the story, since the main plot takes a long time to meander around. For at least two or three of the near-end volumes, the plot actually seems to stall quite a lot, which is annoying, but again, the characterization can sometimes make up for it. But the late chapters rock. It reminds me why I keep reading this stuff. Actually, in retrospect, I think the characterization is very much a tool of the plot here, as even though it doesn't look like it at first, the relationships between the characters matter because they often echo what's happening in other parts of the story later. It's quite interesting. Furuba started off as a comedy, and it's still officially "the comedy of the 12 zodiac animals". The end is dark, and has only been getting increasingly darker over time. This title goes right up there among my favourites.

I'm trying to get into a schedule that isn't sleep-work-come home-housework-work-sleep. I'm trying to keep a habit of having enough scrap paper to jot down my notes. Or even write a few things. The programming work worries me in that patent code way. The TOEIC job is actually turning out alright once we've ironed out some of the initial learning bumps. I didn't meet my quota for this month, but I did learn a lot, and I'm currently aiming for two sets of questions each week. The writing comes and goes. I don't stop getting flashes of stories and images of people who maybe want to speak, or stop noticing the way the light catches a name scratched into the plastic siding of a bus stop. I just don't write them down, is all, and it used to bother me. But it comes and it goes. I'm starting to resign myself to some things again. Maybe that's growing up? It's very circular.

Also received my official transcripts from Curtin today. Maybe I'll get my diploma soon.
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