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Feb. 13th, 2006

Attempted to make Greek Lemon Chicken Soup for dinner. Based on photographs and recipes online, I believe the proper consistency might be something like a thin hollandaise sauce. With a look not unlike runny meringue. Made up a nice tasty stock the other night, scraped the meat off the perfectly boiled carcass, had the onions and carrots diced. Threw in the lemon juice and peeled off all the zest too, since I don't like wasting lemons. And then, there was the entire problem of the eggs. Soup too hot, eggs not mixed with enough soup beforehand, eggs curdle. End result is a soup that looks like Chinese egg flower soup and tastes like baked milk and lemon chicken. Should've made a hollandaise first and gradually stirred the soup into that, I think.

Came home with a story idea. Wasn't able to sit down with the story idea since I had chores from the moment I got home. I also haven't had a bite to eat since about 10AM. I also have TOEIC edits up to my neck.