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After a couple of rounds of edits, my first full set of Part 7 TOEIC questions was finally accepted. I just got my first draft back for my Part 6 set. It seems to have even more problems than Part 7, probably because these are grammar questions rather than comprehension. I was hoping I could meet my quota before the 15th (end of the first payment period), but it doesn't seem that way now. I do have a half-complete second set of Part 7 questions. But I don't know if they will be approved before the 15th, so my payment could be withheld until next month (didn't meet the quota). I'm glad the editor is patient. I hope I'm not over-troubling her with my ineptitude.

I have something of the house to myself for a little bit, since I have a week to myself. But I also have charge of my brother, which is difficult at best. I thought I'd have some writing time during the latter part of the weekend, though I haven't been alone much up till bedtime, and this bothers me to a great degree. I'm starting to learn again how to look cheerful in spite of current conditions. I don't know yet what will happen with the things I've tried, and I haven't been writing towards my own work since the beginning of the year. I feel I should try to take advantage of this week and take time off to be alone when I can be alone, but maybe this will be counterproductive. I have to learn to plan my time better.

Mostly, I am very tired. Also, my coding work is taking up all my time, so I'm really working practically in my sleep. Maybe it will all be worth it.

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