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Please Step on My Ego Before It Inflates.

That award I won turned out to be "Outstanding Graduate Diploma Student in the Faculty of Media, Society & Culture 2005". It was quick, simple and paid $150. In other words, I was the best graduate diploma student in the whole fricking department. I RULE. Not just over Creative Writing but the whole Media, Society and Culture Studies faculty. Except for the Honours student who won "Outstanding Honours Student".

In other news, I've given up waiting for The Third Alternative/Black Static to get back to me about Finches. It's been five months, and it's been a month since I sent my query (also unanswered). Throwing it at Polyphony 6 instead. Much as I want to get into TTA, the idea they're not responding to queries at all is pretty disturbing. Which brings me to this conversation I had with mokie over my quoting the Quran and Darwin in the same story:

Hamster: I certainly do not believe Jibrail will smite people for quoting the Quran in new funky contexts, since this same version of the Quran I'm using is like the King James or NIV Bible -- everyone quotes it.
Hamster: And Darwin, the beloved atheist fiend, will probably not rise from his grave and smite me for quoting him in new funky contexts. I consider myself one of his self-appointed pimps in this realm.
mokie: Heh. :D
Hamster: I pimp the mighty word of Darwin! I would buuuuuuurn questions marks into the lawns of believers!
mokie: *snicker*
Hamster: Well I would, if they annoyed me sufficiently. ;)
mokie: Flaming punctuation is not the answer!
Hamster: You think stakes and bonfires work better?
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