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The Outcast Anthology TOC

Got this off an email from Nicole Murphy a couple of days ago. Posting it up here for the rest of us:

The Fallen, by Mik Bennett.

Long ago, Dulce chose to leave the service of the one she calls The Tyrant, using her particular talents to free men to enjoy life in the moment. But the Tyrant has never given up hope of winning her back. Has she really given up on her former master?

Selfhood, by Cory Daniells.

Sorento has lost the battle to become Assistant to the High Priest, and with Twisted Ardonta is sent to oversee a floating reed garden to re-consider his life. But when Ardonta is attacked, Sorento finds himself having to re-consider everyone's life. Another of the Shallow Sea stories.

Save Galaxy Fast! by Steven Cavanagh.

Whitaker has been on the run for years, considered the most wanted man in the galaxy. Well, maybe second most wanted. Actually, probably third. So why is he heading straight for the administrative heart of the galaxy? And how did he end up the owner of a transistorite?

An Offer to True to be Good, by Andrew Sullivan.

Try as he can, Goran just can't fit in with the rest of society. But when most of society is rubbed out, can he fit in with those left over any better?

Woman Train, by Kaaron Warren

A group of women are on board a train, being taken to a place where they can be safe and free, where they can live out their lives in contentment. However, it seems to be taking a very long time to get there, and women are dying...

The Future Gun, by Shane Brown

All his life, Alec had one dream: communicating with another species. School, University, and then Technician Third Class at the first radio-telescope pointed into the wrong part of the sky.

Mine, by Martin Livings

A man wakes in an alleyway, naked, injured, his memories gone. Then they start to return in tiny slivers, fractures of ideas, and he realises someone has stolen his life. He will get it back.

The Mudfish Goddess, by A.M. Muffaz

Godi has been visited by the 'curse', and like all women in her village, must spend the days in the women's hut. Unlike most women, Godi really does feel cursed and desperately searches for a way out of her predicament.

Watcher, by Ross Hamilton

Watcher is the only child to have ever escaped the demon Bujui during Presentation. Bujui will stop at nothing to have him, Watcher will stop at nothing to destroy Bujui.

Lead Us out of the Wilderness, by David Kok

Kadir was sure he was safe, free of the memories and knowledge of what he had done. Then two young men find him and try to convince him to again take up arms.

The Returned Soldier, by Siobhan Bailey

Pearce made being a good soldier his life, now he has made it his death as well. If only he knew exactly how he had died.

Awakening the Spirit, by Kylie Seluka.

Rena wants to be a normal girl, living a normal life, before the Ash came, before she discovered the cave. But some of us are meant for much larger things than we can concieve of.

Sacrifice for the Nation, by Monica Carroll.

You are being given an opportunity, Ariella was told. Your sacrifice will be for the good of the nation, she was assured. But being too different never works.

The Little Wooden Flute, by Robert Hoge

Once there lived a little girl called Eling, who lived with her father and mother and brother, Tomla. Eling was not loved, and her only possession was her grandmother's wooden flute. Then her father banned her from practicing in the house.

On the Way to Habassan, by Richard Harland

Within moments of meeting Krebb, Ethil realises the little girl's disabilities are not physical, but caused by mental duress. How can she convince Krebb that she is fine, when she believes she is cursed?

Holding Out for a Hero, by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Every time, rain or shine, when a hero is needed, the cowboy comes to the rescue. Every time, the townsfolk shower him with thanks, then shun him as a reminder of their suffering. How can he continue to go on?

Things of Beauty, by Susan Wardle

Dylan is one of a tribe of children, shunned because they are different and forced to do the most menial tasks. But Dylan and his friends are convinced there must be more to life, and they will do whatever it takes to find out.

Blue Stars for All Saviours' Day, by Cat Sparks

From time to time, people come up from the depths. Sometimes they fit in, sometimes they just can't do it. The children hope that Eleni can make it.

Bakemono, by Maxine McArthur.

Rokubei and the other hinin are tasked with patrolling the swamp and keeping the residents safe. It's a fairly boring and thankless task, until they find a dead steer. Could a mythical bakemono be roaming their swamp?

The Rubbish Witch, by Lily Chrywenstrom

The Rubbish Witch is a protector of memories, finding all that is good in what we leave behind. When her teacher, Verity, is caught and made a forgetter, the Rubbish Witch has to find a way to make Verity remember.

I'm also told the anthology will have internal art. Will be posting more information as I receive it.

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