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Nasi Lemak & Kimchee

I promised _maldorora I'd put up a recipe for this, and I think at least mokie will like the kimchee. Hammie-style cooking is horribly bit of this, bit of that, so please note that my measurements are liable to moments of common sense. If it looks like its too much for you, or too little, go with your gut.

Nasi Lemak

1 1/2 cups Rice (Thai Fragrant)
1 1/2 cup Water
1/2 cup Coconut Milk
1 - 2 Screwpine (Pandan) Leaves, knotted (optional)
1/4 inch Ginger (sliced, optional)
A pinch of salt


8 - 10 large Chillies
1 - 4 small Bird's Eye Chillies (optional)
1 whole medium head of Garlic
A pinch of salt
Lime Juice (Kaffir Lime, preferred) OR Lemon Juice (optional)
Soy sauce to taste (optional)

You may want to adjust the liquid levels and cooking times according to the variety of rice you're using and how you're cooking it. In any case, if your rice packet comes with instructions, it's always best to follow the liquid levels there. Also, some people may find the coconut milk too rich, so you can experiment with a little more or less. It's further possible to substitute the coconut milk completely with evaporated milk. So long your rice comes out fluffy and like steamed rice, you're doing okay!

Microwave: Combine all the ingredients in a deep microwave-safe dish (with a lid). Cook it uncovered on HIGH for 8 minutes. Cover rice and cook on MEDIUM for a further 12 minutes. Watch for the rice drying out, as the cooking time is dependent on the make of microwave you're using. If the rice has a light, fluffy and dry (not dehydrated) consistency, you're done.

Rice cookers are your friend, should you have one.

Make the sambal by throwing everything except the lime juice in a blender and mincing to a fine paste. Lightly stir fry until fragrant. Add a bit of lime/lemon juice and soy sauce to taste before serving. You can freeze the sambal for longterm storage. (Basic chilli paste is good for nearly everything).

Traditional condiments served with Nasi Lemak include deep fried (shelled) peanuts, deep friend anchovies, sliced cucumber, half a boiled egg and a bit of sambal. Luxurious versions will have some kind of curry or rendang alongside. What kind of curry or rendang is entirely dependent on taste. I like it with tinned sardine (in tomato puree) curry, for example, or simple vegetables stewed in coconut milk.


As given to us by a Korean friend.

A large jar
Enough Cabbage leaves to fill up 3/4ths of jar
Sambal to taste (optional, see above for recipe)

1. Dry cabbage leaves in full sun until wilted.
2. Salt thoroughly, add sambal and leave for 24 hours in jar in a warm, dark place.
3. Transfer jar to fridge and leave for about a week.
4. Serve cold, sliced finely (just run a pair of kitchen scissors through it and you'll get nice small chunks).

Good for rice gruel and as an appetizing pickle before Asian meals.



Mar. 22nd, 2005 05:31 am (UTC)
I'll keep that in mind! Thanks!

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