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Death by Chicken II

Hamster: *politely trashes Bela Lugosi's Dead*
Mokie: *applauds*
Hamster: You're just happy because I've denied Bad Gothness, aren't you? :P


Mokie: Yes. You have passed the Gates of Bauhaus, a test that traps many a bad goth, and now you are ready...

I cannot describe the path that lay ahead of you, little goth, for lo, I skipped merrily through high on allergy pills and defiantly humming pop tunes, but it is a hard path, a long and twisted path, a path featuring often criminally heavy use of synthesizers... All I can do is offer you a piece of advice: laugh in the face of any obstacles, for joy scares them and sends them running for the shadows like the pallid little dipshits they are.


Hamster: Girl, you just asked me to laugh. And then you asked me to have joy. Are you on crack?
Mokie: Ah, and with that, the student has become the master. *gothzen*
Mokie: *mirthless kelpy wave*