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Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Did you know people have been booking tickets to see Stephen Chow's Kung Fu two days in advance? It's incredible. I haven't seen ads for Phantom show up yet, which I do want to see, but I wouldn't mind watching Kung Fu as well, though it looks remarkably flaky. Going home on the 3rd. They'll be coming to pick up our furniture on Thursday. I have all the books I want to bring set aside, though I still need to add on the file binders and blank notebooks I've been considering for a while now. It's just that notebooks are blank weight. I like using old exercise books, since I have a glut of these things from high school. They're already bound, and nicely lined. They do look a bit strange for an adult to drag around, but I usually use them to take down college notes and writing on the go.

We have Iron Chef on at the moment. Mushroom Battle, I think I may seen this ep before. Mushrooms are such lovely things. Funnily enough, while Yumi was here, she mentioned Chef Chen Kenichi was the guy with the most restaurants from that show. Szechuan food is nice, but I've always found that the cuisine with the largest range and breadth of flavors (and innovations) is Cantonese. This could be due to Hong Kong cuisine and all that it's come to represent though. Malaysian Chinese food also takes heavily from Hong Kong-style Chinese cooking. Yumi said she ate a lot at Chef Chen's chains back in Tokyo, and mentioned Malaysian Chinese food had a heavier, richer flavor as Japanese Chinese food is apparently blander to accommodate Japanese tastes. If you observed Chef Chen's cooking on Iron Chef long enough though, you might notice he actually does quite a bit of Cantonese cuisine himself, take or give that almost morbid fascination with ma po sauce. There's also the problem of being able to guess what Chef Chen's food might taste like, or what the closest approximations are, I think. Neither Hamamama nor a Hampy has ever quite figured out what the fascination is -- in the way that claypot rice, even with five different mushrooms, is still mostly claypot rice. That said, the guy should lose far more than he tends to.

Just had a Korean BBQ dinner. I'm none too fond of anything involving such massive amounts of red meat. Didn't eat very much, and I smell like a smoke pit. I think I heard a Ning Baizura song the other day with a chorus that sounded unnervingly like Hyde's Evergreen (that is to say, note for note lifted off Evergreen. Wished I knew what the title of the Ning song was (it sounded like Ning, but I could be wrong). Then we passed by a shop that played, according to Yumi, a Southern All Stars song, and that was a really strange coincidence. SMAP is releasing a new single after some years of inactivity. The Hamasibling likes SMAP, which is how I noticed the release info on CDJapan today. Music by one Eric Clapton. Hmm.

Saw a copy of Hide: Tribute Spirits going at RM26 over at Jusco (Maluri). I probably was a bit stupid to not buy it. The entire time I was wandering around Jusco after seeing it, I heard this CD call to me like some One Ring, begging me to bring it home in Smeagolese. Dude, RM26. Buck-Tick, Oblivion Dust, Siam Shade and Luna Sea. I should feel honestly a lot prouder for resisting the urge, since I did spend a whole effing lot last month ordering the swag that'll only arrive at my doorstep next year. So why am I hearing bakuchiku whisper in my ear to the tune of the opening bars of Kyokutou Yori Ai wo Komete? I liked X Japan, but I really didn't like them enough to be buying tribute stuff. Also, I have a feeling it's really the lure of BT, Oblivion Dust, Siam Shade and Luna Sea on the same CD talking more than it is any liking of Hide, which further works against any sudden purchases. But RM26 is very cheap. I will never be able to get that price buying online. Done and over with. Yeeeeessss.

Speaking of the orders, YesAsia's already shipped out Akuma to Freud and the Yemon stuff. Since I used free shipping, this probably does mean arrival in early January. Should be very interesting indeed to see how these turn out. CDJapan won't release my order till past the 28th, when the Yemon last live comes out. A friend called from Oz to tell us our house alarm went mad and the police had to be called in to switch the thing off. There's something weird going on here, since our alarm's been giving us trouble since we bought the house. We were supposed to call the alarm company before we left, but that got forgotten as all manner of other stresses began to pile up. Not a very good thing.

Found out they're releasing special limited editions of Kagen no Tsuki DVDs with 15 minutes extra of Hyde as Adam of Evil Eye (as in the manga) from "1985" on VHS (because it's 1985!), and two extra DVDs of suspect extras (CMs, PVs, what-have-you). This calls for a long wait on Public Morning Musume, which I'm well able to do. Now, I liked the Kagen no Tsuki manga, and have definitely heard much talk about the movie, and have of course heard Cape of Storms, seen the fangirlings, seen the Hyde in a gothic chicken suit, etcetera, etcetera. But there will have be a lot more to this than Hyde in gothic chicken suits to really make me buy the movie -- which means I'll be saving money for the new Laruku album out next year instead. A lot to save up for. I'm told there's the new Laruku thing, then Buck-Tick are finally halfway through their next album as well. And who knows? Maybe there'll be minor miracles along the way too. Maybe I'll get published again... first, I should probably get as far as writing again. Haha. Would Chi have my head if I sent them something small and harmless? Small, harmless and mouse-shaped. The problems of my stories are that they're simply not sexy enough for what-have-you.

On normal days, I worry about things like packing along a year's suppy of notebooks, getting a lot of sleep and how to get by with the least amount of talking to people. Not sure if I want to leave this city yet, but they say we definitely are. I don't know if there ever was a sense of belonging wherever I was. It still feels a lot like borrowed time.


Dec. 27th, 2004 01:31 am (UTC)

Honey, where are you??? Were you hit by the earthquake? I'm worried.