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Right. So all I did was leave that copy of Sads Greatest Hits in Tower for one day, one day I tell you, and it's gone. Gone! What are the chances of some other Sads fan digging through the Japanese section of Tower Records and buying that CD here? 1000 customers to 1? Seeeeeeriously. I'm still randomly surprised at the sight of Japanese people in the Japanese section of Tower Records (by section, we're looking at two aisles, or two halves of aisles, so it's like one aisle, or both sides of a long shelf) every time I'm there. Case in point, the three Japanese men who were constantly in my way and me in theirs today might've wondered what the small girl with the direly pissed off face picking through the entire S, R and T sections just to make sure that Sads Greatest Hits CD wasn't accidentally misplaced under the wrong alphabet was doing. But hey, if you happen to be a Sads fan who bought that CD from Tower, or from any other shop for that matter, I dare say we ought to share a teh tarik sometime, because dude, what are the chances of Sads fans stumbling into each other in this city anyway?

The more I think about it, why did I even think there might be other shops in KL selling Sads merchandise...? Gah, with any luck, Tower will notice the high proportion of Japanese CDs being sold and keep importing Stuff (tm).

Tomorrow, getting that copy of Tierra and Dune I wanted, and the Sads Babylon Conclusion DVD that was the same price as the Greatest Hits CD. Surprising though this thought is, I can exceed my daily budget on stuff other than weird lifestyle purchases. Trek funds for the day went into getting me shoes! ;)

Nice shoes. Snuggly shoes. Green and blue shoes. Comfy sheeeeeeews. And a haircut. The idea was for me to get a Hyde-style cut, like the current Hyde shoulder-length do that every fangirl and her stylist wants (and typically argues his gender over). The powers of blow-drying resulted in more of a Rachel cut, which isn't bad, and makes my head feel airy and kewt, so I'm hoping once the hair sags a bit more, I'll end up with a more or less Hyde cut. There were moments I wondered if I should get a good boy cut instead, since it's been a while since I had a boy cut, but it took me a year to grow my hair to off-shoulder length as it is. Dad said my new cut looks better than my long, sagging hantu-syaitan hair (lit. "ghosts-satans"; it's like saying rock is the Devil's musack), which he then goes on to say made me look a bit Alanis Morissette. I... take it that I should've left my hair as it was.

I did get a CD today. L'Arc's Real, from CD-Rama (Ampang Point). Bought it about five minutes before closing time, with the nicest salesperson on hand. I likes nice salespeople, always. CD-Rama, thank you for the nice salespeople. *loves my CD* Tetsu's "Do it!" in the little girl voice on "Get Out From the Shell" is a thing that defies wrongness. I mean, GOftS (aha...is that what it spells?) is this tough guy, painful drum-machine kind of song, and Hyde going ominous and threatening about people being stuck in themselves... and then you hit the chorus. "Haven't you realized yet?" "Do it!" *squeak* "Get out from the shell!" *laffs*

Real is an excellent L'Arc album, actually, the album I'd suggest anyone new to these guys start with. Very clearly into L'Arc's rich, dark rock sound, with lots of the experimentation and variety they're known for, and the marvellous wit. Takes a very certain kind of band to do a "fuck you fans" song that sounds like Hawaiian lift music and pull it off and sound rock & roll - these are the people to do it. Get it for "Finale", theme for Ringu, creepy, beautiful, rich in guitars, scary for Hyde's vocals. Get it for "Stay Away", whose music video didn't just result in L'Arc winning a Best Video and having the weirdest thank you speech modeled after English gangsta speak ever, but also features Hyde doing the patented butt waggle like the prettiest girl (it's also a really fun song and it makes you wanna sing "Causes stain, stay away!" till people think you're selling detergent). He is such a girl. He is. And on Real, he's going from desperately husky to choirboy high like nobody's business. Hell, get it because it's full of solid L'Arc heart. Plus, did I mention Real has the coolest sequence of gargoyles, back alleys, graffiti and fold-out lyric sheets? *manic adoration*

I still have this faint hope someone in KL sells the DVD for Realive 2000 Club Circuit, the club live they did in tandem with this album, which is what I consider their best concert on DVD ever, even over Grand Cross Conclusion (which was good, but just lacking the sort of energy the smaller venue brought out), because a legal copy of that concert would make me unspeakably happy. I shamelessly admit I do not even mind watching SHIRTLESS HYDE over and over again.

Still coughing like I'm about to die over here. Not as frequently as I did when I first arrived, so I can hold it in long enough to get haircuts (and not scare the stylist) and buy CDs (and not scare the salespeople), but when I cough I sound bad. Logging off and see ya.