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Playing the first spoils of war out here, Yellow Monkey's wonderful 8, which will now be known as their last album. It's a good album to end on, with a harder, stronger rock sound than the albums that came before it. Still has that swanky Yemon-ness to it, just a stronger edge that I really like.

My holy trek to buy J-rock began yesterday, hitting a few wins and losses along the way. I went to KLCC, attacking Best Denki and Tower for good luck. Tower, as it turned out, moved from KL Plaza to Suria. They have a nice selection of Japanese music out there, though this is, as I expected, restricted to very popular acts. They also have the best prices, which means good for my wallet, good for the cause. But only one Yemon CD, and that was the very last copy of 8 (which I bought). No X Japan either (but they had a name tab for them, so they had them at one point), which sucks, because I was hoping they had a copy of Dahlia. They had lots of L'Arc though, and lots of L'Arc love, in various different versions. Found a copy of Tierra and the original Dune both going at RM31. They also had the special re-released 10th Anniversary edition of Dune, the one with the ultra trippy cover, which was going at RM75. That's highway robbery!

Flipping through their name tabs tells me they also once had some Bump of Chicken around, but there was no bumpy chickenism to be seen, which hurts a wee bit. I forgot to check for Synchronized Rockers: Tribute to the Pillows while I was there. In fact, I completely forgot to check for the Pillows at all. Saw a copy of Sads greatest hits CD going at RM48. Wanna get it, then not really sure if I should. I like Sads, but they're extremely dependent on my mood to listen to (and then I usually only listen to "Porno Star" over and over again). Moreover, I saw DVD or VCD versions of their concert at the same place for the same price, which I may get before I go back to Oz. In fact, I should not be an idiot and probably buy their RM31 versions of Tierra and Dune too...

Best Denki had L'Arc's Ray going at RM40, eight bucks cheaper than Tower. But that was the only thing worth buying there, and I like Ark over Ray, and I dunno man.

Wandered over to Bukit Bintang for a couple hours with Dad. Wasn't able to really do a store-by-store check, though I did discover a HUGE influx of anime since I was last in Malaysia, going in full force at the wonderful VCD stores of the BB area. They even have Gilgamesh, which was neat to see because I already have the full thing on CDs anyway. Anime VCDs go for RM19 a pop, original. The only problem with VCD is the entire lack of quality to them, but still. RM19. A pop. Found out that Hong Kong Video (1st Floor, BB Plaza) also sells original anime soundtracks for RM19 a pop. If I ever have a need for the soundtracks of NGE, Inuyasha, GTO and the like, I'll know where to go.

Didn't have time to really pursue much of anything, since I was with Dad. Must make a note to return to Bukit Bintang when I next have the time.

CD-Rama over at Popular (Ampang Point) is selling L'Arc's Real for RM46, 2 bucks less than Tower. They're also selling Dir en Grey's Gauze for the same price, but Diren is one of those bands that I like a few songs of and really can't take much of the rest. Mental note to check the Popular down in Chinatown when I get the chance. I wasn't able to find the CD-Rama for Popular in Bukit Bintang Plaza, amazingly enough. I forgot if they had them on two different floors or some such thing. Must also check this out at a later date.