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Mice! Mice Plagues and Mayhem!

Woohoo! Mice plagues and mayhem!

Does no one know the dangers of hamster dehydration and exhaustion due to repetitive and obsessive wheel use? Eek! I mean, yeah, it's cool from a geek angle too...

And now, the obligatory conversation where Cabbit and Hampy put the two together.

Cabbit: "Skippy does from 2-3 mph at normal speed, and slightly faster when DanF's cats are leering at him through the cage walls." *snarls*

Hampy: *snarls and snaps*

Cabbit: *wonders how to get electricity from the locusts* *plots to feed the mice on Locusts and see how that works out*

Hampy: Yes. Mice eat locusts, don't they? Fed on locusts, they may have enough nutrition to take over the country!

Cabbit: Or solve the worlds energy crisis...

Hampy: To solve the world's energy crisis, you need people to start volunteering for wheel running.

Cabbit: But people don't like Locusts... Except John the Baptist who supposedly lived for many years in the wilderness eating locusts and wild honey.

Hampy: So we should pimp locust-power at Christianly fanatics? Hey, that'd bite in the States.

Cabbit: Especially well in the states where they don't know that "Locust" is a type of wild fig as well as an insect :-)

Hampy: I didn't know it was a type of wild fig as well as an icky, icky insect I wished got eaten by wild rodents more often.

Cabbit: Heh, if one was to start eating insects then wouldn't it make more sense to eat bees with your wild honey? I mean, they're going to be mad and stinging _anyway_ when you steal their winter supplies...

Hampy: Troo. And you can eat both bees and locusts. The Chinese and Thais proved that with great prejudice.

Cabbit: Bees do, however, have a somewhat stingy taste...

Hampy: Actually, I don't think they have much of a taste. Boiled into tea, they are said to be excellent sore throat cures. And...speaking of which, I do seem to have a proliferation of bees in my garden. Hrrrrrrrm. I could say they just flew from the forest reserve next door...


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Sep. 25th, 2004 09:39 am (UTC)
I know this is a strange place to contact you but I wasnt sure if my emails were going through or not...
I just wanted to drop a line and say Hi...and see how you were doing. I’m sure everything is likely to be OK. I know your Birthday is coming up and I just wanted to send you something.
I was hoping we could still be some kind of friends...just friends...whatever you know. It’s cool with me.
I’m going to school again...and I’m going to ask for less hours at work so I can focus more on my art and school. I guess a lot of things are changing and happening.
And I’m just trying to take more control of my life and career now.
Anyways... I just wanted to say Hi to you and wish you a Happy Birthday. I know its a few weeks early but I thought Id write so I can have enough time to send you something.
I know I don’t have to or anything like that. But I want to because I think you deserve it.

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