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Dishy Memories

What kind of food reminds me of when I was little? Pies. Good, homemade pastries, pizza and cookies. And Japanese set bento lunchboxes. When I was 5, my Mom owned a deli. I had a little mattress set up under the cashier, and I would go there after school. Mom would let me draw on her used up tear-away calendars and cigarette bulk boxes (they sold cigarettes at the counter, so they usually came in bulk boxes of around 10 or 20 packs, I think).

So, every day, I'd watch Mum make the pies or pizza bases, and she'd let me make my own little things with the leftover dough. Or, sometimes, I'd go across the floor (we were in a shopping complex) and play pretend in front of the travel agency there. Everyone on the floor knew me on sight, and I used to go to the children's clothing store nearby to watch the Secret of NIMH on their TV, or visit the boutiques because the sales ladies always invited me in to talk to, or the crafts supply store would give me free tubes of glitter, or my aunt's flower shop a few doors down. My aunt always let me play pretend in her flower shop, and that was cool because I got to play with all the spare flower bits and baskets and wire things. And when Mum had a spare moment, I'd show her the comic strips or stories I made up on the cigarette boxes, and I don't know if she ever really read them, but I like to think she did.

When I was hungry, if I wasn't up to the stuff in our shop (I was always asking Mum for chocolate chip cookies or macaroons if we had them that day, and that's pretty much where I developed my lifelong love of good chicken pies, not to mention proper cookies), I'd walk off to the Japanese restaurant on the rightmost corner of the floor, and I'd check what they had for their bento set that day. They had real Japanese sushi chefs, and really good sushi. The captain knew which shop I came from, they'd take down my order, and after some time, one of their nifty kimono-clad waitresses would mince her way down to our shop (kimonos are not easy to walk in!) carrying the bento box. If the lunch set had sashimi, Mom would take out the sashimi and put in the microwave to zap for a bit with some black bean paste. I was 5, and absolutely hopeless at eating sashimi at the time. Now, I'm not, but I still really love tuna slices and black bean paste. And once I was done with lunch, I'd send my bento box back to the Japanese restaurant.

The best days were when Mom was making something we called "Touch Me Nots". They're very fragile eggy pastries with a dollop of custard and meringue on top. They smell heavenly, very sugary and eggy. Because they were so fragile, they were difficult to make. If there were any broken ones or rejects, I got to eat them. I miss being 5-years-old and sitting at the empty coffee tables in the mornings eating one truly gruesome deep fried egg with like, two tablespoonfuls of black soy sauce and dipping cream crackers into the yolks, or ham chim peng (a deep fried Chinese roll), with a cup of Milo. I even remember the customers who came in, our regulars. There was one deaf lady who always came in to talk to Mom, and they sort of managed a conversation somehow between makeshift sign language and facial expressions. On Chinese New Year, the complex's management would always invite a lion dance troupe with Pekingese lions, and these guys would dance from shop to shop. At Christmas, there was a Santa Claus and a Santarina to hand out sweets to me.


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Jun. 2nd, 2004 03:03 am (UTC)
*enjoys reading*

*feels hungry*

Maybe (when we grow up...)if you have any free time when you are winning the Booker prize or the Whitbread award for your latest fictional work, you could dabble in a side line of writing restaurant critiques, cos I swear you could make or break a place with your food descriptions :o)
Jun. 2nd, 2004 03:57 am (UTC)
A Booker? Damnit, I want one of those! ;)
My secret dream is still to review computer games though. Good, solid desktop RPGs or graphic adventures. I wouldn't mind revieweing restaurants. I could really, really do that. Asian food restaurant reviews, because non-Asian eaters in non-Asian countries doing Asian restaurant reviews get blown away by all the wrong things. ;)

Ah, food. You know, I was just asking me Mum today if she ever intended on making her Rocky Road cakes again. She used to make them for her shop. Thick chocolate slabs of cake, with chocolate cream and marshmallow bits with cashew grounds, and for no good reason, even more chocolate mixed in with the fresh cream on the coating. It strikes me that for a marvellously underweight person, I have far too many thoughts about food. :o/
Jun. 9th, 2004 03:07 am (UTC)
I've been thinking....why dont you offer to do some reviews for Sim? I know postage might be a bit high...but he often wants previews writing of things newly about to be out...and erm...its a doorway into something you might enjoy aint it? I could help link u up if you want?

oooo u deserve to be a huge round girl of face skoffing proportions, just for THINKING about "Thick chocolate slabs of cake, with chocolate cream and marshmallow bits with cashew grounds, and for no good reason, even more chocolate mixed in with the fresh cream on the coating.. Infact I have to go now to burn off some calories just READING that ! :op
Jun. 9th, 2004 06:15 am (UTC)
Reviews, eh? Sounds like a good offer, but I don't have a PS2 or PS with me right now. :o/

That's in Malaysia, and I probably won't have it back up till a few more months. I do have my PC, not very l33t or game-friendly, lacks lots of the good things that would allow games on it to make rude hand signals to the wind. Which, um, brings me to my point. I'm really, really more of PC gamer than a console one, since I have the hand-eye coordination of a newt. Plus, most of the games I play on both console/PC are all boring graphic adventure type puzzle games, puzzle games, and CRPGs (are they even still called that?). In other words, I'd love to get to play games for free! ;)

Hrm. Does Sim review PC games? Things a person with no hand-eye coordination, whose idea of games involve lots of thinking or hiring parties of 6 to beat the crap out of every town in the region might be interested in? Person who wouldn't even mind reviewing hentai dating sims in the original Japanese (who doesn't actually understand Japanese, but for a hentai dating sim, I might be tempted to learn)?

I want cake! Mum made trifle the other day. Oooo. Trifle...
Jun. 10th, 2004 02:16 am (UTC)
Sim does do PC games...infact he does all kinds..I have done a few strategy ones for him in the past, and I think i might get more, but I am so shyte at fantasy RPG ones that I think he understands its hard to review things you just cant play ;o) However the whole preview side of things doesnt mean you have to have anything to play them on, you can just choose a new upcoming game and speculate on the goodness? Well its a thought, hes a resource that given your "dream job" scenario you may want to grab? And he is defo looking for some preview writing at the moment....

ooo trifle!!! I dont like cold set custard and cream together...I am funneh like that...but I like the soggy base..more alcoholic the better... was it that kinda trifle? :o)
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