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Yes, I've Been to Tokyo.

From a conversation with markfinn, after he asked me how to tell his PC he wanted to beat it to death in Cantonese:

Arigatou Gozaimasta! That was the first thing I ever learned in Japanese, when I was three. I thanked a waitress in downtown Tokyo with it. I don't remember Tokyo much. I am told it was excruciatingly expensive. I had a little blue yukata once. We bought it at a big, shiny department store. I remember eating pretty Japanese mushrooms in miso soup at a restaurant. That's where I thanked the waitress, who just went supersonic with womanly glee when I did. And...I had pink Minnie Mouse bedroom slippers, which were really, really fuzzy. I peed all over them at Tokyo International.

And it was cold.

Other places I've been to before I was four: Hong Kong, Toronto, New Orleans, Houston, Amsterdam, London, LA, NY, Florida (twice, to DisneyWorld), Germany, Paris and Singapore. My parents are really, really strange, and really, really love to travel. So me and my brother have really been dragged around a lot.

My only memories of London were getting kicked by a Shetland pony, picnicking in the woods somewhere, picking strawberries at a strawberry farm, the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, and this really narrow townhouse where my aunt lived. Shetland pony was double my height as a small, skinny child. The kick knocked me onto the ground on my back. I wasn't hurt though, which everyone considers lucky. We had to drive into the country to find that pony, and the strawberry farm. Dad has incriminating videos of me dancing and singing in the strawberry patch.

All my memories are like that, very brief snapshots of things. I wished I could remember some places better than others. Bear in mind, three-year-old me would've been about 2 feet high, probably less, and had a bit of a fetish going on with Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake. Back then, I truly had less brain to think with than I do now. I also use to really like this fancy French-named ice cream we could buy in New Orleans from the supermarkets there. Frozen Glacier, I think it sounded like. And those chocolate eggs with real yolk centers. Mmm. And my first exposure to strawberry-flavored Nesquick, and Mardi Gras. I used to have these tons of beads we collected there the year the theme was Storytime (1987?), and lots of those aluminium coins. Dad taught me how to play baseball, and he got me a slide and a Strawberry Shortcake wood stove. We had Indonesian neighbors across the street. Mum introduced me to reading by buying me these limited edition Disney hardcovers. It had a little blue plastic drawbridge stand to hold them in. And lots of read-as-you-hear tape books for little kids. I still have a Strawberry Shortcake calendar and hardcover I'm not giving to anyone, ever. Oddly enough, I also remember a live-version of Alice in Wonderland from that time. The Jabberwocky terrifies me to this day.

Someday, other stories. I don't really want to sleep.

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