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Temporary Insanity Projects

Clever Girl brought in his sister's laptop to work today. Some virus or other was kicking NAV's ass on it, and screwing around with a lot of other bits besides. So today, I have a laptop to reformat, my usual database work, a bit of worksheet stuff to work out for Mum, and what I hoped were 5 minutes in between code to pick at my own work, but that's not happening.

Yesterday, I began my negotiated Work From Home program. I started my day with a nice bit of chittering with scanner_darkly, did a bit of work on The Mouse, finally got the code that buggered up all week to work and watched the final mind-blowing episodes of Gilgamesh. My highly limited Otaku-nese means I still don't get large chunks of the spoken dialogue, but even the things that didn't require dialogue analysis were just amazing to watch. The ending defies expectations. The series always did have psychedelic plotting, and fans almost never knew what to expect on an episode-by-episode basis, but the ending is something else completely. There were definitely hints strewn all over the place as to what the ending could be, but who could possibly have expected the dots to connect the way they did? I'll be watching the subtitled earlier eps till they catch up. Knowing what happens in advance makes everything that much more surreal.

[Otaku-nese Intepretation of Major Death Scene]

Tatsuya: Because of you, Nee-san is dead. *smite*
Novem: I am glad to die. Because of her, I was able to experience human love and caring.
Novem: *smiley-faced half-naked 300 foot drop to pointy rooftop*
Novem: *crash*

Hamster: Fuah!

That, and Evil Kiyoko. They made my day.

But the office makes me ill. I don't want to be here tomorrow if I can help it.

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