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Sasha came over today for lunch. Watched Pulp Fiction together back at my place, which she'd never seen before. Spent ages at a used book store, filled with lots of good books, and amazingly, anthologies/back issue compilations of lit magazines I recognize, may have submitted to/got rejected from before, (and aren't sold here). Wow. Picked up The Master & Margarita, so I finally have my own copy of my favorite book. I got the exact snake-tongued cat version I saw on Amazon once (apparently that edition is no longer in stock). No Maupassant though. Also picked up A Calculus of Angels, couldn't find the rest of the series at the shop.

Didn't get a word of writing in anywhere, other than the poems and about a line in Painter's Coins. Feel very cut up about that. At the moment very tired and sleepy. One more weekend day and a long class on Monday. There is much calculus to do before that, been trying to put that off so I can write a couple of stories for some urgent, deadly deadlines I want to meet (Chi contest! Any other Spooks this year?) Hate this sleepiness. My prevalent insomnia is going thanks to much walking today.

This is a major Indonesian film from about a year ago. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (What's Up With Love?) is a teenaged high school romance that isn't, not really. There's a girl, Cinta (Love) and a guy, Rangga, and they're both poets. They hate each other's guts, they fall in love, they hate each other's guts, airport chasing scene. Except it's done tastefully, with a degree of innocence, simplicity and poignancy that keeps it solid. And the poetry in this film is good. They're in Bahasa Indonesia, which is the Malay language as spoken in Indonesia, and this did make it difficult for me to grasp the gist of the story from the spoken dialogue alone (English + Malaysian translations helped so much), since Indonesians use thick accents and far too many words not used in the Malaysian version of the Malay language. But once they got to the poetry, everything just fell into place. It was pretty amazing.


Jun. 7th, 2003 09:39 pm (UTC)
Pulp Fiction is a good stand alone movie. If they came out with a "Pulp Fiction II", I'd have to boycott it though, everything they covered in it was covered thoruoghly, a sequel would almost have to suck dirty canal water.