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And Yet...

It is like a feverish, waking dream. Walking out of the house today, I find the corridor outside littered with hamster bedding. I knew what it was from five feet away; sawdust and sunflower seed shells, and the slight scent of hamster. I first feared there might've been a tragedy on the upper floors, or an escaped rodent in the mix. No crushed bodies on the lower floors, only one floor above mine has traces of shavings in the same area. My floor, however, has the most shavings, and the wind blew it about quite gaily, as if this were some warped movie-like sign. Someone out there has a hamster. Perhaps, it is a sign. What it means I cannot really know. During tea I heard loud squeals. I ran out to see. Mum told me it was birds, and she was right, it was just the birds. Why are they returning to me again? Mum came into my room today and said my small hamster toys are like hamster spirits. Why now? Do they know I need them? Where are they? Why are they? Can they hear me?