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Hu Du Men (Stage Door)

Had the pleasure of watching Hu Du Men on TV today. Hu Du Men is the story of a Cantonese opera star (Big Sister Sum) who specializes in playing men's roles. She decides to retire and move to Australia, which is where the story starts. It's funnily relevant to watch at this time, I guess, especially since her daughter refuses to go to Australia, and threatens to take her own life if she was sent there. There are lots of undercurrents in this movie, at least three major subplots to follow. I'd guess this film was meant to be a comedy, it's quite amusing, although it's mostly bittersweet. The lady who plays the diva is Siu Fong Fong, a veteran actress from my Mum's day. One of the co-stars was Anita Yuen, whose part was a little small, considering her role in the story. She's an awful pretty lady. Really like it when she does kungfu flicks. My favorite was Proud Smiling Warrior, of course, where she played the deliciously cold, murderous Holy Mistress of a deviant cult. They showed that series twice on ntv7, the first time in the original Mandarin, the second time in Cantonese. The ending was utter crap, but everything leading up to it was good.

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