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Thin Girl Who Likes Food But Doesn't Eat Much

There are three perfect ingredients in the world: eggs, noodles and good broth. Indeed, there are countless excellent combinations of all three, and I love pretty much all the ones I know. Fresh lime juice comes close after that, but I can't make whole meals out of just lime juice. After that, mushrooms and very specific kinds of tofu.

Finally finished the last of my fish broth, which was first used on home-made rough cut noodles. The noodles came out fine. The pickled seaweed accompainment blanched in the stock came out fine. The soup was too salty and too fishy. I'd usually consider most fish soups as utter wastes of fish, exempting gumbo, fish maw soup and the necessary dashi. So I don't know what possessed me to think noodles and fish soup would be likeable, since I never liked that combination. Seriously though, there is nothing more peaceful and perfect than a perfectly steamed egg, quivering but not watering, cream but not creamy, firm but not hard. I could spend ages just looking at the steam rising off egg custards, if that didn't also mean I risked getting overcooked custards. Tomorrow morning: scrambled.
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